What is Vappic?

Captcha is the technical term for when websites ask you to perform a task we hope only humans can perform, such as asking you to type in a hard to read sequence of letters. They are used to keep automated computer programs from performing undesirable tasks, such as spamming or creating fake accounts.

Unfortunately, computer software to read these distorted captcha images has become increasingly sophisticated. As a result, the captcha designs have become harder and harder for even humans to read.

Vappic is a new four-dimensional approach to captcha. It incorporates moving 3d imagery to make the problem both easier for humans and harder for computers.

How does it work?

Vappic challenges the 3d perspective and motion systems of the human brain, which are still vastly more capable than computer algorithms at perceiving motion and shapes.

Vappic is designed for increased human accuracy. Anyone who has answered captcha on the internet has experienced the frustration of answering it incorrectly. Our intent is to produce challenges that are easy for humans and hard for machines, so humans can provide the correct answer every time.

Further, Vappic is designed to take time to answer. Traditional captchas are defeated not only by computer algorithms, but also by humans paid to answer captchas. Users will precieve this time effort, and at first it may make Vappic seem more difficult than traditional captchas. While we certainly hope it is more challenging and requires more focus than static captchas, but that increase in challenge is matched by a higher accuracy level.

How can I help evaluate Vappic captcha?

The first usability study is now complete. You can view the results on the Vappic Blog
If you'd like to see the original test, click the buttons below. You can see samples here.

<- Testing is over, but you can still try out a few.

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